Kelly's Beach Retreat
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These sites may help you find a great place to stay if our house is unavailable.
If you go through a realty company watch the hidden fees (processing, cleaning, insurance, etc).
Good Luck! Come back to us early next year.
OBX Rental Home Owners:  
These sites may help you rent your house.  I use both to market my house.  One "Home Away" even has
a substantial discount if you use the link below.  I have had much better results renting on my own for 4
years as opposed to using a realty company for 14 years [~23 weeks verses ~14 weeks]. - Vacation rental by owner, owner vacation homes & vacation villas.

Vacation rentals by owner Corolla Vacation House Rentals Service Home Rentals in Outer Banks Area
Linen Rentals:  linens
Mention Kelly's Beach Retreat and get 10% discount (8 minimum sets)